High School Wetting

Nikko, as a high school student, embarrassingly pees in her pants after school while waiting for her ride.

In this video we find Nikko, just after school gets out, waiting in front of the school for a ride home. The problem is that she desperately needs to pee, but her ride is running late. As we watch, she paces around, crossing her legs, trying desperately not to have an accident while texting her friend who is supposed to be picking her up.

Standing in front of the school, Nikko finally can’t take it any longer. She ends up peeing in her pants, in full view of anyone who seems to be passing by. Briefly, she tries to fan her wet clothes, helping her pants will dry, but quickly realizes this won’t work. Afraid of facing her friends in soaking wet pants, she texts them that she no longer needs a ride, and decides to walk home instead.