Drops are visible falling from Alisha's pants just in front of the toilet.

Hidden Camera Bathroom Accident

Alisha makes it to the bathroom, but doesn’t quite reach the toilet on time and wets her pants.  Her humiliation is all captured on video thanks to a carefully concealed hidden camera.

From the vantage point of a hidden spy camera in the bathroom, we get to watch Alisha burst through the door.  Clearly, she extremely desperate to pee.  She runs across the bathroom floor, but just as she reaches the toilet we see a spray of droplets escape her pants.  Unable to stop the flow, all she can do is sit on the toilet as quickly as possible, she has no time to take off her pants.  Even though she is sitting on the toilet, her pants are still pulled up.  Sitting there, she hangs her head in disgrace as she freely wets herself.

After she is done peeing, she grabs some toilet paper and tries to clean up the mess she made.  She dabs her soaked pants, but that seems useless, so she turns her attention to cleaning up the drops she left on the floor.  Upon the scene coming to an end, we are treated to a slow-motion replay of her race to the toilet.

Preview Images

Alisha bursts into the bathroom and races to the toilet.
Just in front of the toilet, Alisha's legs are pressed tightly together as she starts to wet herself.
Sitting on the toilet, Alisha hands her head in shame as she pees through her clothes.
Wiping off her drops on the seat with toilet.
We get a clearer look at her wet pants as she stands up from the toilet.
Alisha mops up the drips she left on the floor.