Her Ride is Late

In this very embarrassing public wetting video we find Sosha waiting for her friend to come pick her up. She is waiting in a somewhat busy public parking lot, but there is no bathroom nearby. All she can do is try to hold on until her friend gets there.

We get to watch Sosha grow progressively more and more desperate as people come and go around her. Eventually, she can’t hold on any longer and wets her pants. As she does so, you can hear people in the distance laugh at her. She is humiliated, but tries to act like nothing happened in order to not draw more attention to herself.

Her pants are clearly wet. It is obvious that she has peed in them and there is little she can do to hide it. All she can do is stand there and suffer through the embarrassment. Finally, she spots her ride pulling into the parking lot and runs to the car. Once safe inside the car, she talks to the camera, describing what happened and what it was like for her.