Sosha helps Lyra out of her peed in shorts.

Helping Sosha Get Off

When Lyra walks in on Sosha masturbating she wants to help.  However, she is surprised to find out that helping Sosha means peeing in her pants.

For most of us being caught masturbating, or catching someone masturbating, is  an awkward and embarrassing situation.  But, for Sosha and Lyra, it is an opportunity for some sexy fun.  In this video, thinking she is alone, Sosha takes off her pants and starts to masturbate.  Shortly after starting, Lyra unexpectedly enters the room.  Lyra realizes what Sosha is doing, and asks to get involved.

Sosha is receptive to Lyra helping out, but what she asks isn’t exactly what Lyra had in mind- Sosha wants Lyra to pee herself while she watches.  Lyra is surprised by this request, but agrees.  Standing in front of Sosha, Lyra intentionally pees in her denim shorts as Sosha touches herself. After Lyra has finished peeing Sosha helps her out of her wet shorts and underwear.  They lay down on the sofa and proceed to finger each other.

Preview Images

Sosha masturbates on the sofa.
Lyra walks in on Sosha masturbating.
After catching Sosha masturbating, Lyra offers to help.
Sosha smiles at Lyra as she touches herself.
Standing in front of Sosha, Lyra pees in her shorts.
After peeing herself, Lyra's shorts are visibly wet.
Sosha helps Lyra out of her wet shorts.
Sosha inspects Lyra's wet panties.
Lyra and Sosha make out and finger each other on the sofa.
Close up of Lyra and Sosha fingering each other.