Haunted Forest

In this terrifying video Nikko literally has the piss scared out of her.

We start out the video with Nikko wandering alone through a dark, spooky forest, looking for a place to pee.  The wind howls and owls hoot in the distance as a paralyzing sense of fear comes over Nikko.  Feeling like she is being watched, she spends around and comes face-to-face with a horrific ghoul looming over her.

She screams and terror, throwing herself to the ground to try to escape.  The ghoul floats of her head.  Nikko is so terrified that she can’t make a sound, even though she is trying to scream.  She is so scared that she doesn’t even realize that she is completely peeing in her jeans, the only thing she is aware of is the terror that is coming for.

As she scrambles on the ground, trying to escape, pants wet, she notices something- The ghoul, isn’t actually moving.  She stops trying to escape for a moment and takes a closer look.  It turns out the ghoul is just a cheap halloween costume that someone left attached to a tree.  Ashamed that she was so easily scared, and that she soaked in her pants in fright, Nikko wanders off to go clean up.

Preview Images

Nikko wetting her pants in fear
Nikko sitting in her peed in pants