Handcuffed Cheerleader

Alisha handcuffs Nikko to the bed when she needs to pee. Unable to free herself she has an accident in her cheer uniform.

We start the video with Nikko and Alisha in bed, making out, while wearing their cheer uniforms. When Nikko admits to Alisha that she needs to pee, Alisha grabs a pair of handcuffs and cuffs Nikko to the bed.

Nikko is now trapped and desperate to pee. Alisha simply watches as Nikko struggles to free herself, but it is no use. Soon Nikko pees in her panties, wetting the bed, while Alisha gleefully watches.

Alisha lets Nikko go, but Nikko is still extremely upset and embarrassed. Alisha tries to say it was just a joke, but Nikko isn’t amused.