Gaming Desperation

It is an epic video game battle between Sosha and Alisha in this video.

They are competing against each other in a racing game. Alisha is ahead, but Sosha is determined to win. Sosha gets an unexpected opportunity when Alisha wants to pause the game to go to the bathroom. Sosha is willing to pause the game, but tells Alisha that once she is in the bathroom she will resume playing and win.

Alisha isn’t willing to give up and let Sosha win just because she has to pee, especially since she is ahead. Instead Alisha does her best to hold until she can finish the race. As we watch she bounces around and crosses her legs.

She doesn’t make it to the end of the race. Unable to hold it any longer pee explodes out of her panties and flows down her legs. As Alisha pees Sosha laughs at her, but the race continues.

Soon the race is over- Alisha wins. For Alisha this makes having peed herself worth it. Sosha isn’t too upset at loosing either, seeing how Alisha had to go pee in her clothes in order to win.

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