Fun in the Bathroom With Siren and Natalie

Siren and Natalie have fun in the bathroom in this high definition video.

The video starts with Natalie entering the bathroom and peeing on the toilet. After she finishes peeing, Siren uses the bathroom and proceeds to use the toilet as Natalie stands there watching. While Siren is on the toilet, Natalie decides she needs to pee again. With the toilet occupied, Natalie decides to simply pee on the floor instead.

Now that both girls have freshly emptied bladders they decide to take a shower together. We get to watch as Natalie and Siren enter the shower and scrub each other down.

This video shows-

  • Natalie peeing on the toilet.
  • Siren peeing on the toilet.
  • Natalie peeing on the floor.
  • Siren and Natalie taking a shower together.