Close-up of Alisha starting to pee in her pants.

Filming Herself Wetting

Watch this new video from Alisha where she films herself as she pees in her jeans with her cell phone.

In this video we find Alisha recording herself on her phone in the bathroom.  She explains that she has just arrived home after a long drive and needs to pee.  Instead of using the toilet as one normally would, Alisha decides to pee in her jeans instead.  Also, she decides to record it all on video for us.

As we watch, she releases the contents of her full bladder and wets herself.  The dark wet stain is clearly visible on her light colored jeans. Once she is done peeing, she takes some time to enjoy the sensation of wearing freshly peed in pants and show off the wet stain.

Preview Images

Shot of Alisha's face as she films herself on her phone.
Close up of her pants just before she wets herself.
Alisha's face as she starts to pee her pants.
Alisha's pants grow visibly wet as she pees.
A wet stain is visible extending down Alisha's leg.
Looking down at Alisha's wet pants as she wears them.
Shot of Alisha's face as she reacts to wetting herself.
Alisha shows off the wet leg of her jeans to the camera.
Close-up shot of the wet crotch of Alisha's jeans.
Alisha feels her wet pants.