Eva Wets the Bed

While sleeping on the bed, Eva has a bit of a potty accident.

In this video we get to see the lovely Eva sleeping peacefully on the bed. She is wearing pink pajama pants and a black top. The camera gives us multiple views of her sleeping so we have plenty of time to check her out as she snoozes.

Then, while she is sleeping, Eva begins to pee. We get an amazing view as her hot piss is pushed through the fabric of her pajamas pants soaking her perfect ass and the bed. This is the kind of video that high definition was made for.

After the pee has stopped flowing she wakes up and discovers that she had an accident. Obviously ashamed and embarrassed about what happens she gets out of bed and takes off her wet clothes. Once she is a bit more awake she talks to the camera about her night time accidents.

This video shows-

  • Eva sleeping peacefully in bed.
  • Eva wetting the bed and soaking her pajamas and bed sheets.
  • Waking up and discovering her accident.
  • Taking off her wet pajamas and panties.
  • Talking about wetting her bed.