Handcuffed to a tree, Sosha wets her pants

Handcuffed Escape Failure

In this video Sosha demonstrates her escape artistry, as she handcuffs herself to a tree and then escapes.  At least, that was the idea, but things didn’t quite go as she planned.

Alone in the forest, Sosha sets up the camera and starts to record.  She is going to make a video demonstrating how to escape when handcuffed.  First, she handcuffs herself, arms wrapped around a tree to make things a bit more difficult.  Then, she attempts to show how to escape.

It is at this stage that she seems to run into a problem.  It is clear, things aren’t working out quite how she anticipated.  Still, she tries to continue with the demonstration, even though things are obviously not going as planned

Soon, we realize she is having yet another problem- She needs to pee, badly.  Being handcuffed to the tree, she is completely unable to get her pants down.  As she struggles to free herself, she is also struggling against her very full bladder.  Desperate to pee, she is finding it hard to concentrate and focus on escaping.  Needing to pee extremely bad, she crosses her legs and bends over, trying frantically to not have an accident.

Despite her frantic struggling, she is unable to free herself before loosing control of her bladder.  Wearing white pants, she wets herself uncontrollably, still handcuffed and unable to do anything about it.  Streams of pee flow down her legs, wetting the white fabric rendering it transparent.  Humiliated at having peed her pants, she still is unable to escape.  No longer racing against her bladder, she takes time to reflect, and try to figure out what she is going to do.  At the end of the video she is still handcuffed to the tree, trapped, and in soaking wet pants.

Preview Images

Setting camera to record
Handcuffed to a tree and demonstrating how to escape
Desperate to pee while handcuffed
Handcuffed to a tree and very desperate to pee
Accidentally leaking pee into her pants
Handcuffed to a tree and peeing her pants
Handcuffed to a tree and peeing her pants
Wet her pants because she was handcuffed
Peed her pants
Still handcuffed to the tree