Laying on the floor laughing, Sosha pees in her pants

Drunk and Laughing

Sosha pees in her jeans while drunk and laughing uncontrollably in this video.

Being extremely drunk and laughing hysterically are not, when taken individually, conducive to maintaining control of one’s bladder.  If you manage to combine these two things, you might as well wave farewell to any hope of having dry pants.  In this video, Sosha discovers this the hard way.

We find Alisha and Sosha in the living room, having both had a bit much to drink.  In her drunken state, Alisha decides for reasons one would have to be intoxicated to comprehend, to sing and do a strip-tease for Sosha.  This sends Sosha into fits of uncontrollable laughter, causing her to fall out of her chair.  The combination of laughing, having a full bladder, and being drunk is too much.  Laying on the floor, Sosha pees in her jeans, completely soaking them.  Alisha notices this, and more laughter ensues as Sosha runs off to clean up.

Preview Images

Alisha and Sosha get sitting in the living room, drinking alcoholic beverages.
Alisha attempts a drunken strip-tease
Sosha laughing at Alisha
Drunk, Alisha attempts to sing and dance as she undresses
Laying on the floor Sosha laughs hysterically.
Sosha is laughing so hard she pees in her pants
Sosha fully wetting her pants as she lays on the floor
Alisha laughs at Sosha for having peed in her pants
Even though Sosha peed she can't stop laughing
Sosha stands up in her peed in pants