Driving While Desperate

In the car and desperate to pee, Sosha does manage to find a place to stop, but can’t get her pants down quick enough, ultimately having an accident in her jeans.

In this video we join Sosha in the car as she drives down a very bumpy road, desperate to pee. She is on the verge of wetting her pants when she manages to find a spot to pull over, leaps out of the car, and runs into the bushes.

Safely concealed by the forest foliage Sosha tries to unfasten her pants, but the zipper is stuck. Extremely desperate to pee, she doesn’t have much time. She fiercely struggles with the zipper, but it is too late. Her pee gushes down her legs, soaking her jeans.

Pants wet with her own urine, she returns to the car, ashamed, only to discover the car is locked and she doesn’t have her keys. After retracing her steps, still in her saturated jeans, she manages to find the keys and returns to the car. No longer frantic, she is able to get the zipper unstuck, takes off her wet clothes, and gets back in the car.