Desperate, Alisha dribbles in her panties just before she is able to sit on the toilet.

Dribble in Her Panties

Watch Alisha in this voyeuristic accident video as she accidentally dribbles in her panties just before she gets to the toilet.

From a hidden camera in the bathroom, we can see burst in, wearing only a t-shirt in panties.  From the way she is walking, holding herself, and the speed she is moving, it is clear she badly needs to pee.  As she scurries from the bathroom door to the toilet, she accidentally dribbles a little bit in her panties.  If you watch closely you can see a couple small streams escape her panties, leaving a small trail of droplets on the floor behind her.

Upon reaching the toilet, she hastily pulls down her underwear and sits.  Immediately we can hear her start to pee.  If there was any doubt about how dire her situation was, those doubts soon disappear as we can hear her peeing full force for nearly a full minute before she finishes.

Once she is done peeing, she takes the time to inspect the damage to her panties.  Deciding that they are too wet to pull back up, she takes them off.  Using the wet underwear, she mops up the puddle she made on the floor.  Bottomless, she exits the bathroom, relieved.

Preview Images

Alisha bursts into the bathroom, desperate to pee.
Just before she can lift the toilet lid, she dribbles in her panties.
Regaining control, she pulls down her underwear, preparing to sit on the toilet.
Peeing on the toilet
Inspecting the wet damage to her panties
Mopping up her puddle with her underwear.
Flushing the toilet
Leaving the bathroom, carrying her wet underwear in her hand.