Double Shower

Sosha gives Alisha not just one, but two golden showers in this video.

We start out this video with Sosha tying Alisha up in the kitchen. The idea was that Sosha would leave Alisha tied up until Alisha couldn’t hold it any longer and had an accident. Once tied up though, it quickly became evident that Alisha doesn’t need to pee at all. Sosha, on the other hand is kinda desperate.

Instead of Alisha wetting her panties while she is tied up, Sosha strips off all her clothes, straddles Alisha, and pees directly onto her. Sosha’s pee stream forcefully hitting the front of Alisha’s panties.

A few minutes later Alisha is still tied up and soaked. Sosha needs to pee again, so again she stands over Alisha. This time Sosha pees through her pajama pants onto Alisha’s bare leg.

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