Double Desperation

Paige and Sosha are both incredibly desperate to pee in this video.

At the start of the video both girls are already absolutely bursting, but they decide to see who can hold it the longest.  Sosha suffers a small leak early on, making it seem as if she has already lost.  However, Sosha argues her small leak doesn’t count- she is still holding and still desperate.

Both girls tease each other and trying to get the other one to wet her pants first.  In the end, it was too much for Sosha and she completely pees in her jeans.  Having won the contest, Paige heads of to the bathroom to pee on the toilet.

This video shows-

  • Paige and Sosha desperate to pee.
  • Sosha having a small leak in her jeans, but maintaining control for the most part.
  • Sosha and Paige teasing each other.
  • Sosha completely peeing in her jeans on accident.
  • Paige using the toilet.