Sosha peeing her pants at the rest area.

Didn’t Make it at the Rest Area

Desperate to pee, Sosha manages to hold on until she gets to the rest area, only to pee her pants when she discovers that the facilities are temporarily closed for cleaning.

Nearly anyone who has been on a road trip has experienced the agony of being extremely desperate to pee, counting the miles until the next rest area while struggling to hold on.  Imagine, however, making it to the rest area, ready to burst, only to discover that the facilities are closed.  This is exactly what happens to Sosha in this humiliating public pants-wetting video.

Upon arriving at the rest area, Sosha races to the women’s toilets, her bladder ready to burst.  Once she gets there, however, she is met by a sign saying they are out of order and a chain strung across the entryway.  At her limit, Sosha doesn’t have time for anything else.  Despite grabbing her crotch to try and stop the flood, she ends up soaking her jeans and travelers come and go from the rest area.  After peeing, she runs away to privacy, shamefully trying to pull her coat down to hide her accident.

Preview Images

A chain across the entryway is the only indication the rest area is closed.
Sosha races to the women's toilets at the rest area.
Sosha holds her crotch next to the closed bathrooms.
Hanging her head in shame as she starts to pee in her pants.
Embarrassed, Sosha looks around to see if anyone notices that she is peeing her pants.
The wet patch on Sosha's jeans continues to grow as she pees.
Having wet her pants, Sosha runs to privacy.
A close-up of Sosha in her wet jeans sitting in the car.