Nikko wets her pants

Desperately Waiting

Desperate to pee, Nikko is stranded outside, waiting for her friend to show up and give her a ride.  With her friend running late, all Nikko can do is hold on and try not to have an accident.

As this video starts we find Nikko outside, waiting.  She is already very desperate to pee.  Her friend is supposed to be picking her up, but is running late.  Angrily, Nikko calls her friend, asking how much longer, as she grows more and more desperate for the bathroom.

With no bathroom, or other facilities in sight, there is nothing Nikko can do except try to hold it until her friend arrives.  Unfortunately, Nikko is simply too desperate. She starts to leak in her pants.  Soon, the leak turns into a flood.  There is nothing that Nikk can do to stop the accident- She is completely wetting her pants.

With her pants soaked, Nikko calls her friend back, asking her friend to bring some dry clothes, but neglects to say why.  She then takes off her dripping wet pants and returns to waiting for her friend.

Preview Images

Desperate to pee, Nikko calls her friend
Nikko on the phone and desperate to pee
So desperate that she leaked a little
Close up of Nikko's leak
Calling her friend back
Really, really, desperate to pee
Wetting her pants
Nikko had a desperate wetting accident
She can't believe she peed her pants
Taking off her wet pants