Close up of Sosha peeing in her jeans.

Desperate Wetting in Jeans

Check out these photos of Sosha as she grows desperate to pee and eventually wets her jeans.

This giant photo gallery features more than 180 high-resolution photos of Sosha.  She is outside, in the forest, on a lovely summer day, wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  At the start of the photo set, she is clearly desperate to pee, crossing her legs and holding herself with a distressed look on her face.

After holding it as long as she could, she gives up and pees in her pants.  The camera zooms in for an extreme close up as she wets, so we can see every small drop and trickle that soaks her jeans.  After she is done peeing, she shows off her soaking wet pants for the remainder of the images in this photo set.

Preview Images

Sosha is crossing her legs and pressing her hands into her crotch, desperate to pee.
Standing outside in the forest in soaking wet jeans.
Showing off the back of her wet pants.
Sosha proudly displays the pants she peed in.