Close up from behind as Alisha pees in her pants.

Desperate Wetting in Jeans

Alisha grows extremely desperate to pee, ultimately wetting her jeans, in this giant photo set featuring more than 200 images.

These pictures transport us out into the great outdoors with Alisha, where we are treated to several dozen photos showing her desperate to pee while wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  Eventually, we get to see her pee in her jeans.  Shot from behind, the peeing is also stretched out over several images, so we can see it start from just a small wet patch, and expand to completely soak her pants.

After she has finished peeing in her jeans, she shows off her wet clothes for our camera.  Eventually she takes off her pants, revealing her sopping wet cotton panties underneath.  Finally, she takes off her wet panties as well, holding them up to the camera so we can get a good look.

Preview Images

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, Alisha is clearly desperate to pee.
Close-up view from behind as Alisha pees in her jeans.
Alisha looks embarrassed with her shirt off, and pants soaking wet with pee.
Alisha holds up the jeans she just peed in.