Wearing pajamas, Alisha is very desperate to pee.

Desperate Pajama Wetting

Join Alisha in this sexy pee desperation and accident video as she wets her pajama bottoms and her bed.

We find Alisha at home, sitting on her bed, and clearly desperate to pee at the start of this video.  She is wearing gray pajama bottoms and a black tank top.  Her bladder achingly full, she crosses her legs and holds her crotch, struggling not to have an accident.  It seems as if she could wet her pants at any moment, but she manages to hold on for quite while, her need for relief growing greater with every passing moment.

Finally, she is unable to hold back the flood.  She gasps, shocked, as she looses control of her bladder and starts to pee in her pajamas.  Once she starts peeing, there is really no stopping it.  It just keeps coming.  Her gray pajama bottoms grow visibly dark with wetness as her bladder empties.

After she is done peeing, she is left wearing soaked pajama bottoms and sitting in a puddle on the bed.  She sits up and takes off her wet clothes, in the process giving us a chance to see her wet bottom.  Once she gets out of her wet pajamas and panties, she sits back down on the wet bedding, and proceeds to masturbate.  We get to continue to watch her as she rubs her pussy, ultimately having and incredibly satisfying orgasm, all the while sitting in the puddle she made on the bed.

Preview Images

Sitting on her bed, Alisha needs to pee very bad
She is so desperate to pee that she is frantically grabbing her crotch
Starting to pee in her pajama pants.
Unable to stop peeing, she continues wetting her pajamas
She finished peeing, but is left wearing soaked pajamas and with a wet bed
The back of her pajama pants are soaked with pee.
She takes off her pee soaked clothes
Naked from the waist down, she masturbates while sitting on her wet bed.
Furiously rubbing her pussy, about to cum.
Having an orgasm while sitting in a puddle of her own urine.