Sosha is holding herself she is so desperate to pee.

Desperate in White Tights

No one can hold it forever.  Regardless of who you are, if you need to pee, it is going to come out eventually.  This is especially true for Sosha, who wets herself after becoming extremely desperate to pee in this video.

We join Sosha in the forest for this scene, where she talks to us about her love of desperation and wetting, explaining how horny it makes her.  In addition to telling us about her kink, she demonstrates it for us.  As we watch, she strolls through the forest so desperate to pee she is crossing her legs and holding herself.  Eventually, when she can’t hold it any longer, she pees in her white tights.

Having an accident like this doesn’t embarrass her, however.  It only serves to make her incredibly horny.  So horny, in fact, she can’t wait until she gets home to take care of herself.  Standing there, in the middle of the forest, she pulls down her pants and masturbates.  We get to watch all of this happen until she eventually brings herself to her climax.  Afterward, she briefly talks about how much fun it was and the video comes to an end.

Preview Images

Sosha talking about her desperation and wetting fetish.
Walking through the forest, Sosha is so desperate to pee she crosses her legs and holds herself.
Her bladder about to burst, Sosha bends over and holds her crotch tightly.
Close-up shot of Sosha holding her crotch as she starts to leak.
Close up shot of Sosha peeing in her white leggings.
Pulling down her leggings to reveal her wet panties.
Pushing down her panties exposes her bare pussy.
Wide shot of Sosha masturbating in the forest.
Close-up of Sosha fingering her pussy.
Medium shot as Sosha climaxes while masturbating.