Peeing her pants in a snow storm.

Desperate in a Snowstorm

A pleasant hike in the woods quickly becomes a chilly disaster when a sudden snowstorm and a full bladder conspire to make Sosha wet her pants.

In this video, we join Sosha as she is out for a quick stroll through the woods.  By the time we catch up with her, she is already extremely desperate to pee.  To make things even worse, a sudden snowstorm has descended upon her.  Despite this, she is almost back to the parking area where she knows there is a bathroom.

All she has to do is hold on a bit longer, but this proves to be too difficult.  As we follow her, she ends up peeing her pants.  The wet dark stain is clearly visible on her light gray cargo pants.  She has no way to even attempt to hide that she had an accident.  With her pants completely soaked, she runs back to her car in an attempt to minimize her humiliation.

Preview Images

Wearing a green coat and gray pants, Sosha clutches her crotch, desperate to pee.
Walking through the woods in a snowstorm, Sosha tightly holds her crotch.
Close-up of Sosha holding herself.
A view from behind as Sosha wets her pants.
Standing in the middle of the trail, Sosha pees her pants.
Sosha looks surprised that she peed herself.
A profile view of Sosha wearing her wet pants.
Wide-shot from behind as Sosha hurries back to her car.