Alisha is desperate to pee while hitchhiking

Desperate Hitchhiker

Would you pickup a hitchhiker who has wet her pants?  This photo set features Alisha hitchhiking while desperate to pee.  Ultimately, she pees in her pants, but still keeps on trying to hitch a ride.

With over 100 distinct photographs in this set, we have plenty of sexy images of Alisha desperate to pee as she is hitchhiking along a remote wilderness highway.  Eventually, she can’t hold on any longer and pees in her pants.  After she wets herself, she continues walking along the highway, thumb out, trying to get a ride.

Preview Images

While hitchhiking Alisha is so desperate she has to hold herself to stop from peeing in her pants
Unable to hold it, she starts to pee in her pants.
After she pees in her pants, they are left visibly soaked
Rear view of Alisha along the highway after she has wet herself