Pizza delivery person stands outside, desperate to pee

Desperate Delivery

What happens when the pizza delivery girl shows up bursting to pee?  We get to find out in this video.

Since the dawn of man pizza delivery scenarios have been an everlasting staple of adult video.  In this scene, we try to imagine what could happen if a pizza delivery girl shows up, bursting to pee, barely able to hold on.

The video starts out with Alisha, playing the part of our delivery girl, running up to the door to delivery Sosha’s pizza.  Clearly desperate to pee, Alisha intends on asking Sosha if she can use her bathroom.  Before she manages to get the words out, though, Sosha closes door.  About to burst, Alisha has no choice but to knock again.

Sosha really isn’t sure about letting a stranger enter her home to use the bathroom.  Even though Alisha’s situation appears dire, Sosha has reservations.  Finally, feeling bad for Alisha’s predicament, Sosha grants her permission to come in and go pee.  Quickly, Alisha races towards the bathroom, but it is too late- She suddenly freezes, bends over, and grabs her crotch in the middle of the living room.  She is peeing in her pants and can’t stop.  Sosha watches, horrified, as the girl who just delivered her pizza pees through her pants and all over the living room floor.

Utterly humiliated, the only thing Alisha can do is appologize profusely to Sosha.  She offers to refund the cost of Sosha’s pizza and clean up her mess.  Sosha refuses, insisting that it is okay.  Embarrassed beyond believe, jeans dripping wet, Alisha leaves.  Sosha sighs, now having a mess to clean up, but at least she has her pizza.

Preview Images

Delivering pizza while badly needing to go pee
Alisha delivers Sosha her pizza
Sosha closes the door on Alisha
Alisha knocks on the door again, hoping to use the bathroom
Alisha explains to her customer that she needs to pee
Alisha runs through the living room towards the bathroom
Alisha can't hold it and wets her pants
Horrified, Sosha watches Alisha as she wets her pants
Unable to stop, pee drips from Alisha's jeans
All Alisha can do is try and appologize for peeing in her pants