Close up of Sosha peeing in her leggings at night

Desperate Camping Accident

Watch Sosha have a humiliating accident in this video when she can’t find the bathroom while camping.

If you have ever been tent camping, you likely know the struggle of having to pee in the middle of the night.  It involves stumbling out of the tent into the cold darkness and searching for the bathroom, desperate all the while.  In this video, Sosha goes though that exact scenario.

Camping with her friend, Alisha, Sosha wakes up in the middle of the night needing to pee.  Desperate to relieve herself, but not wanting to head out into the night alone, she wakes Alisha and explains the situation.  Alisha is less than sympathetic, telling Sosha she shouldn’t of had so much to drink before they went to bed.  Ultimately, though, Alisha agrees to accompany Sosha to the bathroom.

Together they head out into the night, in search of a bathroom so that Sosha may finally relieve herself.  Once outside, the dark forest looks completely unfamiliar.  It isn’t long at all before they loose their way.  Unable to locate the bathroom, Sosha grows ever more desperate.  Freezing, Alisha is starting to loose her patience and wants to go back to her warm sleeping bag.  Alisha tries suggesting that Sosha just pee outside, but Sosha is afraid of bears, cougars, or other viscous animals that might make a meal of her while she is peeing.

So, at Sosha’s insistence, they continue wandering around the forest at night looking for the bathroom.  It isn’t too much longer before Sosha can’t hold on any longer.  Extremely desperate to pee, she can’t hold back the flood another moment.  While Alisha watches, Sosha completely wets herself.  Her pee is extremely visible on her wet leggings, and there is nothing she can do to stop it.  Finally, her bladder is empty.  Alisha doesn’t care too much that her friend just wet herself, she just wants to get back into her warm sleeping bag.  They return to the tent, Sosha still in her wet clothes, and retire for the remainder of the night.

Preview Images

Sosha wakes Alisha up while camping, asking Alisha to go to the bathroom with her.
Sosha and Alisha leave the tent together, to search for the campground's bathroom
Lost in the forest, Alisha and Sosha are unable to find the bathroom
In the forest at night, Sosha is extremely desperate to pee
Bursting to pee, Sosha holds herself to stop from leaking
Alisha watches as Sosha starts to wet herself
Unable to hold on, Sosha pees in her white leggings
Sosha pees so much that it runs all the way down her legs, getting her foot wet and making a puddle
After she pees, Sosha is left standing outside in visibly wet leggings as Alisha rushes back to her sleeping bag for warmth
They arrive back at the tent, Sosha still wearing the leggings she peed in