Alisha masturbating in her peed in panties

Desperate Alisha Wetting

Holding her pee makes Alisha horny.  The more desperate she is to go, the more aroused she gets.  Watch in this video as she pushes herself past the breaking point, holding so long that she wets her pants.

At the start of the video, Alisha is already extremely desperate to pee.  Wearing light khaki pants and a red t-shirt, she dances around, holding herself, growing aroused by the sensations from her achingly full bladder.  Thoroughly enjoying the feeling, she doesn’t want to end it by using the toilet.  So, she makes herself keep holding until she ultimately can’t take it any longer.  Unable to hold back, she ends up peeing in her khaki pants.

After she finishes peeing in her pants, she is more turned-on than ever.  Extremely horny, she takes off her soaking wet pants revealing her saturated gray cotton panties underneath.  Sitting on the floor in her wet underwear, she masturbates in them.  The feeling of the warm, wet fabric against her clitoris is beyond her power to regulate.  It isn’t long before she is overcome by an earth-shattering orgasm.  Taking a moment to collect herself, she removes her soaked panties.  With a blissful smile on her face, she says “goodbye” and the video comes to an end.

Preview Images

Alisha is desperate to pee
So desperate to pee she is holding her crotch
Dancing around, needing to pee badly
Trying not to dribble in her pants
Peeing in her khakis
Taking off her peed in pants
Rubbing her pussy in her soaked panties
Close up as she masturbates in her pee-soaked underwear
Mid-orgasm in pee-soaked panties
Post orgasm blissful smile