Cute Cheerleader Wetting

Check out Lyra, looking super cute in her cheerleader outfit, in this sexy wetting photo set featuring more than 110 unique images.

These original high resolution photographs were taken outdoors and feature Lyra posing for the camera in her cheerleader uniform.  We get several dozen pictures where she is simply showing off for the camera, but then she lifts her skirt revealing her purple panties underneath.  Giving the camera a naughty smile, she intentionally pees through her underwear.

As she pees through her purple cotton panties, they grow dark with wetness.  We can clearly see her thick, yellow, pee stream gush from her underwear as she soaks them.  The entire time, she seems to be enjoying the experience, smiling happily.  After she is done peeing we get several more photos where she shows off her wet underwear to the camera.

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