Desperate to pee, Alisha soaks her gray leggings when she is tied up

Couple’s Therapy

After having a serious disagreement, Alisha and Sosha are tied up together in the dungeon by their friend, left to workout their differences. The only problem is that Alisha is desperate to pee.

When they told their friend that their relationship had it a rough patch do to a serious disagreement, their friend claimed to have training as a therapist, and she as an idea how to fix things- Tie them up and leave them alone, bound to one another, for six hours.  Their friend swore that this would fix any issues they were having.

As a result, we find Alisha and Sosha tied up, arguing, and to make matters worse, Alisha needs to pee.  The only thing they can seem to agree on is that their friend’s solution to their issues was idiotic and that they never should have listened.  Plus, their original disagreement still hasn’t been settled.  Alisha believes that Star Wars is the superior franchise while Sosha thinks Star Trek clearly better.

They continue to argue about which franchise is superior, the whole time Alisha is growing more and more desperate to pee.  The argument finally comes to an end when Alisha has to pee too bad to think about anything else.  Sosha tries to provide friendly encouragement to keep holding, but Alisha’s situation is dire.  When Alisha finally wets her pants Sosha is sympathetic and does her best to provide comfort.  Alisha is clearly upset about having an accident.

Trying to help Alisha feel better, Sosha concedes that Star Wars might not be that horrible after all.  Alisha is still embarrassed, but grateful that Sosha is able to acknowledge the merits of her arguments.  Alisha also admits that Star Trek isn’t all that bad, and explores some interesting topics.

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Sosha and Alisha are bound next to eachother in their friend's basement
Desperate to pee, Alisha crosses her legs
Bound together in the basement, Sosha and Alisha discuss their situation
So desperate to pee she starts to dribble in her leggings
Sosha's shocked face upon seeing Alisha pee herself
Alisha's leggings are visibly wet with pee
Alisha's horrified face as she pees herself
Sosha and Alisha are still tied up next to each other, only now Alisha's leggings are visibly wet with her pee
Alisha checks out her peed in leggings
Close up of the pee patch on Alisha's leggings