Cooking With Sosha

Sosha attempts to start her own cooking show, but things don’t go so great when shooting the first episode.

Having always dreamed of being the host of her own cooking television show, Sosha finally decided to produce a pilot episode. She was extremely nervous and had to pee during the taping of the episode. It is obvious that she needs to pee, but she tries to hide her desperation.

Finally she can’t hold it any longer and starts to leak. Even though her legs are getting wet, she does her best to continue with the show as if everything is okay. She is humiliated, but pretends like everything is fine and keeps doing the show.

Finally we reach the end of the show. Sosha does her best to maintain her composure as she wraps everything up, trying to act like her clothes aren’t wet with her own pee. It is clear that she is very embarrassed and there is no way to hide her accident.