Desperately peeing in her jeans as she tries to hold it

Cold and Desperate Outdoors

After this video it is hard to believe that Sosha still wants to shoot with us.  Don’t worry, she assured us that she still wants to do more shoots as long as we promise not to put her through anything like this ever again.

For this video, we hauled Sosha out into forest for a nice natural backdrop.  The forest was indeed lovely, but it was also bitter cold.  On top of that, it was a two hour drive out to the location, by the time we got there, Sosha was bursting to pee.  Then, we made her stand outside so we could get the shot setup, but we had a lens problem that made things take longer.  The entire time Sosha was frantically fighting to hold it until the camera could record.

By the time we got the camera up and running, Sosha was about as cold and desperate as she has ever been.  She could only manage to hold on a short time after we got the camera started before she peed in her jeans.  The temporary warmth and relief was welcome.  You can see her expression change as the relief washes over her and she gets to feel something warm for a short time.  After she finished peeing, she briefly showed off her wet jeans to the camera, but the cold air is unforgiving and soon any warmth turns to freezing wetness.  To stay on Sosha’s good side, we turned off the camera and allowed her to retreat to the warmth of the car.

Preview Images

Outside, freezing cold, and desperate to pee
Struggling not to pee her pants
Close up shot of Sosha holding her crotch through her jeans, trying not to pee
Still tightly holding her crotch as she starts to pee in her pants
Close up of the front of her jeans as she pees
Pee runs down her legs, filling her shoes
Showing off her wet, peed in jeans to the camera
The relief is visible on her face after she wets her pants
Close up of her ass after she peed in her pants
After wetting herself, her expression shows that she is embarrassed and cold