Alisha leaks into her pants just before she gets to the toilet

So Close, Yet So Far

Alisha races to the toilet, extremely desperate to pee, only to just barely arrive too late.

In this hidden camera video we get to secretly watch Alisha have a humiliating accident when she doesn’t quite make it to the toilet on time.  As she bursts into the bathroom, she is already starting to dribble.  In the few brief moments it takes her to cross the bathroom floor, a visible wet patch has already appeared on her jeans.

Standing in front of the toilet, Alisha does her best to get her pants down without peeing anymore.  She isn’t totally successful in doing this, as a few visible trickles start to run down the leg of her pants just before she pulls her jeans down.

Now that Alisha has managed to drop her pants, she is able to sit on the toilet and release the contents of her bladder.  Sitting on the toilet, she inspects the damage to her jeans and underwear.  They are visibly soaked.  She dabs at them with toilet paper, but this does nothing to hide her accident.

With no way to dry her clothes, Alisha pulls up her wet panties and jeans, ashamed.  She washes her hands, collects herself, then exits the bathroom.  There is no way to hide that she peed in her pants.  We can only imagine what she must be thinking as she leaves the bathroom to face whatever waits outside.

Preview Images

Alisha bursts into the bathroom, desperate to pee
Standing next to the toilet, she can't stop peeing
She is starting to wet her pants as she unfastens them to use the toilet
Even though she has already had a little accident, she manages to pull down her pants and underwear
Finally, she gets to sit on the toilet and pee
While peeing on the toilet, she inspects the damage from her leaks
She finally finishes peeing
Pulls her wet pants back on
Even though she mostly peed in the toilet, her pants are visibly wet
She has no way to hide her accident as she leaves the bathroom.