Cleaning Gutters with Mikki

Check out this upskirt view of Mikki peeing through her panties!

In this high definition video, Mikki decides to tackle some chores and clean out the gutters.  The only problem is that she is terrified of heights.  Still, she bravely decides to climb up the latter and get the job done.

Almost to the top of the ladder, she is gripped with fear and panics.  It is a long ways down!  To make matters worse, she has to pee and is now petrified with fear.  The result is we get a beautiful shot looking up her skirt as she pees through her panties.

The camera continues to capture the streams of liquid running down her legs and splashing off the ladder.  Eventually she is able to climb down on her own, but the gutters remain uncleaned.

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  1. Wetsneakers says:

    Finally some girl wearing sexy sneakers and wetting them too!!! I hope to see more wetting videos with those sneakers!!! Great video!!!

  2. Kevin Haroldson says:

    As always Mikki , is one of the best wetters I have ever seen in my life . That I really love watching her have fun peeing herself 😉 😉
    Since Mikki , is So Great at doing that !!
    Would always LOVE to see Mikki , enjoying Herself in wetting / peeing fun 😉 😉

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