Cheerleaders Waiting

Here is the situation- Two high school cheerleaders are on their way home from the big game. Waiting for the bus, one of the girls is desperate to pee. Her friend video tapes the ensuing desperation and eventual accident.

This video features Alisha and Sosha playing the roll of high school cheerleaders. They are hanging around a bus stop, waiting for the bus, and Sosha is desperate to pee. Alisha records as Sosha grows more and more desperate, but struggles to maintain control.

After a couple minutes of Sosha struggling to control her bladder, she can’t take it any longer. Alisha is shocked as Sosha has an accident, peeing all over the sidewalk.

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    • Dave Dee says:

      I like to see a finished jobbie, making a bulge in her pants after she has stood and peed herself/

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