Cheerleaders Making Out

Alisha pees down her legs as she makes out with Sosha in her cheer leading uniform.

In this video you get to watch as Sosha and Alisha, wearing their cheer leading uniforms, engage in a lengthy make out session. As we watch them make out, Alisha begins to fidget around. Soon it becomes clear she needs to pee. Despite needing the bathroom, Alisha and Sosha continue to make out.

Finally Alisha can’t hold it any longer. A stream of pee cascades down her legs. As Alisha pees, Sosha reaches down and plays with the stream.

Once Alisha has finished peeing, Sosha helps her remove her wet panties. Without any panties in the way, Sosha proceeds to thoroughly clean Alisha with her tongue.

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  1. Jim says:

    Hi, I don't have the money to pay, but I enjoy your videos. Maybe if there were a couple more free ones, or if outdated ones became free, or if you used advertisements to make a profit on the ones you make free

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