Alisha gets caught peeing her pants on security camera

Caught on Security Camera

Alisha has an embarrassing wetting accident in her pants, and it is all caught on security camera in this video.

Sosha has installed an advanced, app controlled security system, allowing her to remotely control her door locks and monitor security cameras on her phone.  To test out her new system, she decides to mess around with Alisha.

Alisha arrives home to discover the door has been remotely locked.  Unknown to Alisha, Sosha is watching her on camera.  Desperate to pee, Alisha frantically dances around, trying to hold it, while she fights to get the door open.  Eventually Sosha gets bored of having Alisha locked outside, so she lets her in, remotely unlocking the door.  Alisha rushes upstairs to use the bathroom only to discover that it too is locked.  Sosha continues to watch via hidden security camera as Alisha grows more and more desperate, eventually wetting her pants.

Preview Images

Sosha hides in the bathroom, remotely controlling the door locks on her phone
Security camera view of Alisha locked outside
Sosha watches Alisha via security camera
Alisha struggling with the door, locked outside and desperate to pee
Finally able to get inside, Alisha runs to the bathroom
Security camera view as Alisha runs upstairs, in dire need of the toilet
Sosha calmly watches Alisha on the security cameras as she is desperate to pee
Alisha arrives at the bathroom, only to find the door locked
Alisha starts to pee her pants
Unable to hold it, Alisha completely wets herself