Close-up shot of Sosha peeing through her panties.
A woman wets her pants while waiting in line for a public toilet.
Oliva and Sosha both look at each other as they stand in the forest in their soaked pants.
Sosha laughs as Olivia pees in her jeans.
Standing next to the toilet in a public bathroom, Sosha floods her pants.
Sosha pees in her jeans in front of a public bathroom.
Three screen shots from Olivia's phone showing different points in the video where she pees in her pants.
Sosha peeing her pants at the rest area.
A woman squats and pees through her panties while being recorded on a night-vision video camera.

Squat Pee Failure

Alisha approaches climax as Olivia performs oral sex on her.

Alisha Gets a Reward