Sosha and Alisha having some sexy bedtime fun.

Too Horny to Sleep

Close up of Alisha peeing in her leggings.

Bunk Bed Wetting

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her light colored pants as she sits on the bed.

Wetting on the Bed Request

Sosha performs oral sex on Lyra on the bed Lyra just peed on.
Lyra's pajamas are visibly wet after she pees in the bed.

Lyra Wets the Bed

Alisha pees through her panties wetting her bed
Pee flows from Sosha's cotton panties onto Alisha

Wetting 1970's Style

Peeing through her denim shorts wetting her bed

Wet Phone Call

Sosha pees in her panties as Alisha rubs her
Sosha pees through her panties, giving Alisha a golden shower