Carly and Sosha Bound

Alisha ties Sosha and Carly together on the floor and leaves them alone as they grow progressively more and more desperate to pee.

As the video opens we can see Carly and Sosha tied together in the middle of the floor. They both need to pee badly. Alisha enters the room and taunts them. In an attempt to make Carly and Sosha pee, Alisha begins to tickle them as they are tied up.

The tickling works on Sosha. Soon a puddle of liquid starts running across the floor from where Sosha is sitting. Somehow Carly manages to not wet herself. Frustrated that she can’t get Carly to pee, Alisha leaves the room to wait for Carly to get more desperate.

As soon as Alisha is gone Carly confesses to Sosha that she is extremely desperate. Carly decides just to let go in her pants right now, while Alisha is gone, that way Alisha won’t get the satisfaction of watching her pee her pants.

The video ends with Carly and Sosha, still tied together, sitting in their wet pants. They have no choice but to wait for Alisha to come back and hopefully untie them.