Sosha pees in her jeans in front of a public bathroom.

Can’t Get in the Bathroom

Could things possibly get more humiliating for Sosha? Desperate to pee she races to the nearest public toilet, only to discover she can’t get in and completely soak her jeans.

This scene is short, but it packs in plenty of desperation and humiliation.  The scene opens with Sosha running towards a public toilet, tightly holding herself.  Upon arriving at the door she discovers it is secured with a keypad.  Frantic, she punches buttons on the pad trying to get the door to open, but it is no use.  The dark wet stain is clearly visible as it expands outwards and down her jeans.

Standing in full view in front of a public bathroom, Sosha is peeing in her jeans.  Humiliated, she looks around to make sure no one is watching her.  It is then she spots our camera and a look of horror emerges on her face as she realizes her embarrassing accident.  Not wanting to give us any more footage of the giant wet stain on her pants, she quickly runs behind the bathrooms and hides until we go away.

Preview Images

Desperate to pee, Sosha runs towards the nearest public toilet.
Sosha discovers the bathroom door is locked.
Peeing her pants as she tries to figure out how to work the door.
Her jeans are soaked as she can't stop peeing herself.
Standing in front of the door in soaking wet pants.
Sosha spots the camera recording her.