Caged Alisha

Alisha is locked in a cage, wearing only her bra and panties, desperate to pee. Nikko has the key, but isn’t about to let her out until she pisses in her underwear.

In this video we join Alisha as she is locked in a cage. She is extremely desperate to pee. Nikko has they key to the cage, but is refusing to let Alisha out. Nikko is trying to get Alisha to have an embarrassing accident in her panties. Not wanting to give Nikko the satisfaction of wetting herself, Alisha struggles to hold on. Thoroughly enjoying Alisha’s discomfort, Nikko taunts and teases her.

Eventually the pressure from within her bladder is too much for Alisha. As the camera goes in for a close up she has an accident in her underwear. We can clearly see the streams pour from her cotton panties and tickles run down her legs.

Despite having peed in her panties, Nikko still refuses to let her out. Instead, Nikko demands that Alisha sit in her puddle and wait for her to come back. With that, Nikko leaves the scene. Alisha is left alone, wet, embarrassed, with nothing to do but reflect on her accident.