Close-up of Olivia peeing in her green shorts.

Busy in the Bathroom

Unable to hold it, Olivia ends up having an accident in her shorts when the bathroom is in use in this embarrassing wetting video.

There are relatively few reasons that an adult with normal bladder control would ever accidentally wet themselves.  One of the more common reasons this may occur, however, is not having access to the bathroom.  There can be many reasons why bathroom access is limited, but in the case of Olivia in this video, it is because the bathroom is in use; It turns out Alisha is in the bathroom, masturbating, and has the door locked.

We follow Olivia in this scene as she attempts to use the bathroom, only to find a locked door.  She pleads with Alisha to hurry up, but Alisha couldn’t care less about Olvia’s predicament.  As Alisha happily plays with her pussy, Olivia’s situation grows ever direr as she struggles not to pee herself.  Despite putting forth a valiant effort, it is Olivia’s bladder that ultimately wins the battle.  As Olivia begs Alisha to hurry up, she pees in her green cotton shorts.  A thick stream is visible flowing down her legs and we can hear it splatter on the floor.

Shortly after Olivia’s accident, Alisha finishes up in the bathroom.  Alisha emerges just in time to catch Olivia standing in the midst of her own puddle, absolutely humiliated, still wearing her visibly wet shorts.  Alisha briefly teases Olivia for being unable to hold it, but then leaves Olivia to sulk in the midst of her own shame.

Preview Images

Alisha heading to the bathroom.
Olivia knocks on the bathroom door.
Alisha masturbating on the toilet.
Waiting outside the bathroom, Olvia presses her legs together.
Alisha looks at porn on her phone as she masturbates in the bathroom.
Extremely desperate to pee, Olivia crosses her legs as she bangs on the bathroom door.
Close-up of Oliva starting to pee in her shorts.
Close-up shot of Olivia's visibly wet shorts.
Alisha exits the bathroom and sees Olivia's puddle on the floor.
Olivia is embarrassed as Alisha teases her for having an accident.