Alisha removes Sosha's wet pants

Bound and Gagged in Jeans

Tied up, Sosha is desperate to pee. Plus, she can’t even beg to be released because she is gagged.

For this video we join Sosha and Alisha in a dark basement.  Sosha is wearing a light colored shirt and jeans.  She has her hands cuffed around a support beam behind her, so she can’t escape, and she is gagged, rendering her unable to explain how badly she needs to pee.  Wearing a sexy dominatrix outfit, Alisha is determined to make Sosha have a wetting accident in her jeans.

As Sosha squeels and crosses her legs, trying not to pee in her pants, Alisha tickles her and presses on her bladder.  Sosha is absolutely bursting, so it isn’t long at all before Alisha is successful in her goal.  As Alisha tickles Sosha, Sosha can’t hold back the flood anymore.  Being watched by Alisha, Sosha pees in her jeans.  It runs down her legs and makes a puddle on the floor.

Still tied up and gagged, with her pants now wet and standing in a puddle, Sosha is thoroughly embarrassed.  To help her feel a bit better, Alisha removes Sosha’s pants and performs oral sex on her.  After Sosha climaxes Alisha walks away, leaving Sosha tied up, wet, gagged, and alone.

Preview Images

Alisha teases Sosha as she is cuffed to a post
Alisha presses on Sosha's bladder
Alisha tickles Sosha
Sosha pulls at her restraints, trying to escape as she is tickled
Desperate to pee, Sosha crosses her legs trying not to have an accident
Peeing in her jeans
Making a pee puddle on the floor
Alisha watches as Sosha wets her pants
Alisha remove's Sosha's wet pants
Alisha performs oral sex on Sosha