Sosha has a wetting accident in her jeans

Bound and Bursting in the Forest

If you are into extreme desperation, you are going to love this video.  Sosha is tied up and bursting to pee, ultimately wetting her jeans as Alisha watches.

Deep in the forest we find Sosha tied to a tree and clearly desperate to pee.  Alisha is there too, and is clearly enjoying Sosha’s predicament. She teases, tickles, and presses on Sosha’s bladder, trying to get her to have an accident.  Sosha isn’t going to give in easily, she is doing everything that she can to not wet her pants.  As she crosses her legs and contorts herself trying to hold back the flood her legs shake and tremble out of extreme desperation.

Alisha isn’t about to set Sosha free, or let up on the bladder torture.  Despite Sosha’s best efforts, she can’t hold it forever.  Eventually she wets her pants as Alisha watches.  After she is done peeing, Alisha makes fun of her for having an accident.  Alisha walks away, leaving Sosha tied up in her wet jeans, but promises to come back later to set her free.

Preview Images

Sosha is tied to a tree and desperate to pee
Alisha teases Sosha, tring to get her to pee
Alisha tickles Sosha as she is tied up
Alisha presses on Sosha's bladder while she is desperate
Sosha is almost crying she needs to pee so bad
Sosha crossing her legs, trying not to wet her pants
Sosha suddenly gasps as she starts to leak
Wet patch on Sosha's jeans as she looses control and pees
Pee stream running down Sosha's leg as she wets her pants
Alisha inspects Sosha's pants after she wets them