Boobies For Pee-Pee Pants

Sosha agrees to pee in her pants and let Alisha watch in this video on a single condition, that Alisha shows Sosha her boobs.

We start off the video with Alisha and Sosha on a leisurely stroll through the forest on a beautiful summer day. Sosha announces that she needs to pee, and attempts to leave Alisha to go relieve herself in the bushes.  Alisha stops Sosha, daring her to pee in her jeans instead.

After considering Alisha’s proposal, Sosha agrees, but stipulates one condition- Alisha must expose her boobs.  Alisha agrees to the terms, and Sosha immediately fulfills her part of the agreement.  Standing, legs spread, Sosha pees in her jeans as Alisha watches, amused.  With her pants wet, Sosha turns her attention to Alisha, who’s turn it is to fulfill her part of the bargain.

At first, Alisha tries to get away with simply flashing Sosha, but Sosha isn’t content with just that.  Sosha pressures Alisha into completely taking off her top.  With Alisha now naked above the waist, and Sosha’s pants visibly soaking wet with pee, they return to the car to head home.

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