Blocking the Bathroom

It’s a battle for the bathroom that results in Nikko peeing in her panties in this video.

Alisha and Nikko are relaxing in their panties when Nikko gets up to use the bathroom. Alisha decides it will be fun to make Nikko wait, so she gets up and blocks Nikko from going to the bathroom.

Standing in front of the bathroom door Alisha is able to prevent Nikko from getting in and using the toilet. Nikko is extremely desperate to pee. She is struggling to get past Alisha, but Alisha won’t move. Holding herself, trying not to pee, Nikko can’t take it anymore. Streams of pee force their way through her panties and flows between her fingers.

Alisha is amused that Nikko wet her panties, but Nikko is embarrassed. Alisha finally moves out of the way so Nikko can get into the bathroom and clean herself up.