Lyra looks down in shame after wetting her pants.

Blocking Lyra From the Toilet

Lyra arrives home, bursting to pee, only to have her path to the toilet maliciously blocked by Sosha.

Sosha filmed this video herself, on her cell phone.  She knows that Lyra is about to arrive home, she was delayed because of a breakdown in public transportation, and desperately needs to pee.  Anticipating Lyra’s urgent need for the toilet, Sosha starts recording just before Lyra bursts through the door.  As soon as Lyra rushes inside, Sosha blocks her path, trying to prevent her from getting to the bathroom.

Lyra is unable to get around Sosha.  She frantically squirms and holds herself, badly needing to pee, and pleads with Sosha to move out of the way before she has an accident.  Sosha, however, doesn’t care that Lyra is about to wet herself.  She continues to record video as Lyra begs and grows more and more desperate.

Unable to convince Sosha to let her past, the inevitable eventually occurs- Lyra wets her pants.  Once the seal is broken, her bladder completely gives out.  Standing petrified in the hallway, Sosha films as Lyra completely soaks her pants.  Once Lyra is done peeing she is obviously a bit irritated with Sosha.  Still, she takes a moment to show off her wet jeans for Sosha’s camera before she goes to clean up.

Preview Images

Badly needing to pee, Lyra rushes inside towards the bathroom.
Needing to pee, Lyra gives the camera a pleading look.
Lyra looks irritated as she tries to get Sosha to move out of the way.
Lyra bends over and holds her crotch, desperate to pee.
Lyra's face shows absolute desperation as she struggles not to wet her pants.
Close up of Lyra's face as she is desperate to pee.
Close up on Lyra's crotch as she starts to pee in her jeans.
Fully peeing in her jeans.
Lyra looks down in shame after wetting herself.
A rear view of Lyra's wet pants after she wet herself.