Blocking Alisha

This Point-of-View video puts you right in the middle of the action.

Here is the scenario- Alisha is desperate to pee. You, however, are not a nice person and get right in her way. Standing in front of her, you block her access to the bathroom and refuse to move. Alisha grows more and more desperate, begging you to get out of the way and let her go pee. Still, you refuse to move an inch.

Alisha is so desperate that she can’t hold still. She is bouncing all over and grabbing her crotch, trying to maintain control of her bladder. You don’t car though. You are simply enjoying her desperation.

Soon it is too late. Alisha pees in her pants. Her gray sweat pants are soaked and she is humiliated. Before she storms off to clean up she expresses her anger at you for not letting her use the bathroom.