Sosha happily poses in her peed in jeans

Blinded by the Light

We hope that Sosha is still able to again after these photos.

This sexy photo set features Sosha, standing outdoors, growing desperate to pee before letting it all go in her jeans.  It is a lovely jeans wetting photo set where she completely soaks her pants and shows off the wet patch for the camera.  While shooting these pictures, however, the natural light wasn’t coming from the right angle.  To compensate, we used a large reflector- It worked nicely, but blinded Sosha in the process.  You can tell she is squinting to avoid the glaring light coming off the reflector, but we did get a nice fill light from it so you can see her jeans growing wet as she pees.

Preview Images

Sosha poses for the camera, wearing a green and black striped shirt and jeans
Needing to pee, Sosha squeezes her legs together and holds herself
Sosha looks down in disbelief as she wets her pants
After Sosha pees, she keeps wearing her soaked pants to show them off to the camera