Behind the Scenes With Nikko

Taking a break from shooting the regular scenes, Sosha captures some video of Nikko, desperate to pee, with her cell phone.

Typically, when we shoot videos for HD Wetting, we spend all day shooting several scenes. Because the days can get pretty long, there are some scheduled rest breaks so the models don’t get tired out. This can sometimes create interesting situations when a model needs to pee, but we aren’t scheduled to shoot another scene for a while.

On this particular break, Sosha decided to shoot some video of Nikko on her cell phone. It just so happened that Nikko, at the same time, needed to pee. Not wanting to waist a perfectly good pee, Nikko tried to hold on until it was time to shoot another video. Unfortunately for her, Nikko has a very small bladder. She isn’t that great at holding for extended periods of time.

Desperate, Nikko starts to leak in her panties. Soon she can’t hold back the flood. She pees through her underwear onto the floor. You can see the look of shame and humiliation in her face. Luckily, Sosha happened to be recording video of the whole thing on her cell phone, so we get to watch it.